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I Want My Wave

Have you noticed a decidedly unfriendly turn among drivers lately?

I have.

I'm one of those polite drivers who allow people to go in front of me when they're attempting to merge---even if they are idiots and are merging badly. I am nice. No, I am. I will allow someone to enter traffic from the driveway of a store parking lot if I see there is no hope of them making it out of there before breakfast the following day due to the amount of traffic behind me.

I am nice.

I don't expect much for my kindness. Just the wave. Is that too much to ask?

You know the wave. The Thank-you-for-letting-me-in-wave. It's really not that hard to do and doesn't take much time or even muscle. Simply give a hand gesture--a nice one---that says thank you for allowing me to go.

Three times yesterday I allowed someone to merge, to get in front of me. One lady who was attempting to get into my turn lane from two lanes over was also the recipient of my kind nature. I let her in. She was, it appeared, a beautiful blond in a nice white Toyota who simply got in front of me and never waved.


It's at this point that I usually mumble "You're welcome" under my breath, but yesterday I was so upset that I put my suburban in park, opened my door and got out. I went to her driver's side window and pounded on it like a mad woman. A woman who didn't get enough sleep the night before and who was denied a wee bit of common courtesy from the bleached blond in front of me.

"IS IT TOO HARD TO GIVE ME THE THANK YOU WAVE FOR LETTING YOU IN???" I screamed at her closed window.

Closed, because she was frightened and with good cause. I hadn't had any chocolate that day and my compassionate reserves had sunk accordingly thus rendering me a tad bit irritable.

As I stood there, eyes bulging and blood pressure about to peg the uh-oh-zone, I paused, took a deep breath and sweetly said "You're welcome".

ThenI heard horns honking and realized I'd been day dreaming again about rude drivers who don't know how to give the wave of gratitude and what I'd like to do to them for their callous disregard of the common courtesy on the road. I put my foot to the pedal and ran into the blond's trunk.

Ok, no I didn't.

I just wave.

*No blondes were harmed, yelled at or asked to complete math problems in this post.


  1. I so opened my eyes really wide and said, out loud, "she didn't!"

  2. LOL Of course I didn't. You know me. I'm too nice. (insert eye roll here)

  3. Pamela, you know we live for the violence and harm?!!! j/k Seriously, though, it is amazing how much chocolate helps!!!

  4. Chocolate does help. I haven't had any in weeks.

    Waves right back at Chicago

  5. I know exactly what you mean!! It was the same at my sons graduation Friday...we were practicing courtesy as we were leaving, you know how that is, fifty zillion cars all trying to leave and a new bunch coming in -- anyway, about 2 out of 4 actually waved. One guy just pulled in like it was his hubby wished he had a paint gun right then. My brother figures we need stupid darts that when they get 5 of them on their car the cops pull them over and give them a ticket...grin.

  6. that is the second time you've had me laughin' today!
    love ya!

  7. Knickers to the chocolate - I've a long-standing fantasy (easy tiger!) about a device on my car that allows me to laser-etch 'DICK' or other four letter words on the metal work of any vehicle on the road that annoys me. Think of the pleasure - the embarrassment and cost to the victim, and the delight of watching them drive off with a simple, highly descriptive statement of their nature permanently marked on their panels.

    Heh, heh, heh, the Baker is Back!

  8. Knickers to the chocolate. I've a long-standing fantasy (easy, tiger!) that I have a device on the front of my car which, when another vehicle annoys me, laser-etches 'Dick' or other select, highly descriptive four-letter words on the panelling of aforementioned offender.

    Heh, heh, heh, the Baker is Back.

    By the way, the graduation post above is gorgeous. Proud mummy, good stuff.

  9. Krusty---you're back!! Where have you been all this time? I see you're engaged, congrats! And you've moved, congrats again. It's nice to see you 'round.


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