Monday, March 09, 2009


Are usually my favorite days. Back to the work week, back to a schedule. I love having a schedule. It helps. Keeps me sane. Ok, saner.

I taught three Spanish classes today and took Ash back to see the doc. They still don't know what's causing her problems. We had another bad night last night, which is why I took her back in. They're sending us to a specialist now, so I'm hoping this will mean that we can figure out where her pain is coming from and what we can do about it. We also began her new seizure meds this morning, as we taper down the others.

Other than that....the weather was insane today. Massive snow, tons of hail and it took hubby forever to get to work through the snow up north. Here? Nada remains. Elsewhere nearby it's like a winter wonderland.

After teaching today I went to the (gasp!) gym and spent some time on the treadmill and a bike. It wasn't horrible.

And now I'm really, really going to bed. I said I was going earlier then my lil Ally came to me with some issues she's been having at school and I felt the need to fire up my laptop again and write an email to one of her teachers. So, email done and bed ready. G'nite.


  1. I've always liked Mondays, too! But, then, I love Friday the 13th! Maybe it is the non-conformist in me?

  2. Goodnight. I think you deserve some rest.


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