Thursday, March 19, 2009

It just keeps getting better...

For those of you not feeling well, take my advice and avoid going to the ER. This is where you are likely to pick up some really ugly nasty buggies that will make you feel worse than what you came into the ER for in the first place.

Trust me on this.

We ended up back at the pediatricians yesterday with what I assumed was strep throat. Having four children who haven't exactly had stellar immune systems has given me a bit of an idea of what to look for and when it came on her so suddenly, I was sure it was strep.

It wasn't.

Seems there is an icky bug going around the Puget Sound that starts out pretending to be strep throat, with the horrific painful swallowing and then high fevers for three to five days, then moves on to a cough and congestion. Sound like fun? Why yes, yes it is. At the rate my baby girl is going, she's going to have to repeat the fourth grade. To that end, I got an email and a phone call from her teacher saying that we should probably get together and talk about Ashley's issues.

Now I know it seems that all I do lately is talk about the bad things that are happening in my life. The problems with Ash and other assorted fun aspects of parenthood.

There are good things going on as well. Let me see if I can list them...

1. We both still have jobs. In this economy, that's a plus.
2. None of our children have been raised by wolves. (Their opinions on that don't matter of course)
3. I was just published in the Puget Sound Business Journal. I know, I usually have my columns put in other papers and I don't usually write about business, so this
was a stretch for me.
4. I'm not playing the lottery, so I'm not losing any money down that particular hole.
5. I have a spectacular husband.
6. I have enough home remodeling projects to keep me from being bored until approximately the year 2030.
7. My knee feels better and all without surgery!! Yay!
8. I ran into someone today that I've been wanting to see for a few years and tell her how sorry I was about how things ended the last time we met. She'd made a huge difference in my life when Ash was first diagnosed with having had a stroke. She was the director of the birth to three program where Ash received her therapy. Later I was part of the Executive Board of Directors that had to let her go. I've felt that burden for so long and we hugged and talked and I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.
9. I'm thankful for being bilingual and being able to read novels in my second language. I'm just about finished with La Sombra Del Viento.
10. I have four children who delight and distress me on an equal basis.

So there, see? It does just keep getting better.


  1. There's always a bright spot if you look for it! lol We had spring for about a week and now we have snow again...sigh. Fun photos of your day with your family! Keep the chin up...

  2. Thanks for the reassurance!!!

  3. Thanks G and Rebecca.

    I am keeping my chin up. Ash went to school today! Progress and baby steps is all I ask for. Sorry to hear about the snow again down there. Ick. I really hope it stays away from us until next winter.


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