Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Neurology Visit

Ash and I had an adventure at Seattle Children's Hospital

It was to be a short Neuro visit but the doc didn't like what he heard, so it turned into a trip to the Heart Clinic for an EKG, then a resting, sitting and standing blood pressure and the really good time was saved for last.

The lab.

Since she hadn't had breakfast we could do a fasting blood draw on kidney, liver, and glucose levels. However, Ash has an aversion to needles.

"But Mooooooom! I don't LIKE NEEDLES!"
"I know honey"
"No one likes needles honey. No one"
"But I REALLY hate them!"

The tech tied off her arm and then Ash had a fit.

We unstrapped her and then went back to neuro to get the ok for some EMLA cream, which takes half an hour to numb the skin. We couldn't get the neuro back and then a miracle happened.


Peggy has been Ashley's physical therapist since she was a baby and Ashley adores her. Each time we're at the hospital, Ashley wants to see Peggy.

Peggy came walking down the hall. We hugged, we laughed and we all went back to the lab and Ashley submitted to a finger poke, rather an a poke in the arm, all because Peggy was there.

I love Peggy.

So we've raised Ashley's seizure meds and now we watch and wait again. Not a game I enjoy.


  1. Remembering all your family in my prayers.

  2. prayers heading northwest from here...we love you guys!

  3. thank goodness for those tender mercies.
    praying you have more...


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