Thursday, February 26, 2009


I spent a very frustrating hour and a half at a Verizon store today. My umbilical cord cell phone was dead. I couldn't get it to turn on, turn over or take out the trash. much like my teenagers.

I could have gotten a very cool new phone with all the bells and whistles. One that could wipe my nose, vacuum my floors, do my laundry, flush all the bad cholesterol out of my system put me into even more debt than I already am while pretending to make me cool because I could access my email and leave Facebook updates while driving my gas guzzling SUV and putting on my makeup at the same time.

But I didn't. You see that would have extended my cell phone plan for another two year contract. I'd rather have ground glass added to my morning muesli than sign another contract with Verizon right now.

I bet there are more people out there---and I don't yet know their names but I DO know their faces and a wee bit more about them---who feel the same way. Or who WILL feel the same way once they realize that the replacement phone that Verizon generously gave me for fifty dollars contained all their private cell phone pictures.

You see Verizon said they could transfer all of my pictures on my broken phone---as well as my videos--to my replacement phone if I purchased a little memory card. I did. I'm sure they would have loved to have also charged me for the hour and a half I spent taking up the store clerk's valuable time but they haven't yet managed to figure out a way to make that happen.

Sooooo......imagine my surprise when I was waiting for The Girl to get out of her belly dancing class and started to flip through my cell phone pics only to discover that they weren't my pictures at all.

Which begs the question.....where is Verizon sending MY pictures??? Or yours?


  1. If you want those pictures back, make me an offer. One that will be more entertaining than the pictures.

  2. You know those pictures are keeping you up at night vicus dear.

  3. Oh man! I tell ya, they pretty much tell you whatever you want to hear. AT&T isn't much better. Hubby bought the little card because it was supposed to let him play music on his phone...only the card didn't work. Took a couple of months to figure that one card and a couple of months later -- he can actually play music on his phone...just not consistently. good luck!

  4. I feel your pain. I have internet access on my phone but can't actually access it. makes perfect sense to me. Ugh.


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