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My other love....

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Today I had a gorgeous guy in my arms for most of the day.He wasn't my husband, but that was ok, hubby knew I was having company today.

We cuddled and we giggled and I didn't want to let him go when his mommy came to pick him up. I love that little guy so much.

To thank me, she brought me some beautiful tulips. I love fresh flowers! She didn't really have to do that, I should have given her something beautiful for the gift of sharing her little boy with me again.

My arms are empty once again.....


  1. awww pammy, you did give her something all mommies need... a litlte time away from her gorgeous boy... i bet you did for free too :-)

  2. Oh Kindness, I love her little guys so much. As though they were my own. I'd take them whenever, in a heartbeat. I miss them....I had them every day for so long.

    My heart hurts sometimes, with all the missing.

  3. Tulips are amongst my favourite flowers.

  4. seconding kindness. mommy chuckled all the way out to the car thinking how easy she got off; fresh flowers! hoo boy!
    you're going to be the grandma of the century!

  5. ...dang. did you delete me?
    on the other hand, i coulda deleted myself.
    *virtual tulips anyway.*

  6. Awwww! It's so nice to have littles to love on sometimes!

  7. you cuddled a boychild?! I hope you've washed your hands!!


  8. Is it just me, or are things becoming a tad maudlin round here? Can we have some vibrant scatological or smutty drivel and that video of you doing your Tina Turner impersonation please?

  9. As time goes on and my daughters get a little older 17 and 20 and often they are both out doing their thing my lovely wife pointed out, what the heck are we going to do when they are gone? I quickly pointed out the long list of things i accomplished despite the fact they were not home and would probably done them anyways and maybe some cuddle time on the couch during a movie with either or. The youngest is okay with hanging out with dad at home but the oldest prefers to be out and about with me. So i reminded her that they both had young men in their lives and that the possibility always looms of them having children in the future. So enjoy the time for one never knows what the future holds. Glad you were able to have some cuddle time. Caught your link through HE( he's a good friend of mine along with Within Without.

  10. Dave, I love tulips as well. They signal the hope of spring for me.

    FN, I'd never delete any of your comments m'dear! It's juat that now they don't appear immediately as I've enabled the comment moderation due to my having run amok of some angry people.

    Sketchy, yes it most certainly is wonderful to have little ones to hug and love. I still miss him.

    Vicus, I thought you lived for maudlin. Didn't I already send you that video of me belting out Proud Mary?? Don't get greedy on me now, vicus dear.

    Hodeedoo, welcome! I thoroughly enjoy both Within and Without and HE. I especially like it when they post pictures of their antics together.

  11. Oh...I love tulips. I can hardly wait to be a grandma...but that's a while yet (thank Love your blog.

  12. you cuddle a 'boy' ??

    was that wise?

  13. Tina Turner? Now we're talkin'. We neva eva do nothin' nice and easy.

  14. Blimey, I have been away ages, who'd get angry at you?

    Tulips, yeah, all squeaky too when they're fresh, easy on the water, gell, or they'll flop over and open up all quickly!

    Tina Turner? Can I come?


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