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Another Monday

I've had my oatmeal with flaxseed and taken the two oldest to their seminary classes and now I'm watching Obama's rollout as a Democratic candidate for the presidency on early morning television. He certainly appears to be the media darling of the moment.

After the two youngest head off on their school bus I'll hit the gym and then pick up Steph at school and run her over to college. I don't mind what happens next.

I wait for her. I sit in the suburban and I read. An hour all to myself to read. Sometimes I read a novel, sometimes the scriptures. It's a peaceful, quiet time for me and I welcome the respite.

A friend of mine, a realtor, is coming over later today so we can talk about our options.

Never a dull moment around here.

Also, I'd like to ask those visiting here to please don't post comments that are crude. I will enable comment moderation if that continues. I think we can talk without personal insults, can't we?


  1. I like your suburban moment. Reminds me of John Lennon, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

    Paul formerly "Darius" of possiblegospel

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Paul, long time no see. How are things? And yes, Lennon had it right. Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans. It's not so much the destination, but the journey. So far mine has been a good one.

    Anna, I don't know. I think I made her angry, or angrier. I've found a great many blogs, most of them written by ex-pats not even living in Iraq. Their hatred and anger is understandable, but it's certainly focused in the wrong direction. I certainly wish the war had never happened and that our soldiers could come home, but they aren't the ones torturing and murdering and suicide bombing their own people~~ It's the Iraqis themselves. Meanwhile, any comment I make to them is returned with things like 'perhaps you should be raped a dozen times or more' or 'you are a bigot and a racist'.

    I can't imagine the horrors of what they endure on a daily basis. I feel for them.

  4. An hour's respite sounds heavenly to me.

    Sorry you've been infected by the comment creeps...

  5. Please let me know when I can be crude again.

  6. pamela...yeah there's a lot of angry hurt people out there and we all have our level of pain that we ourselves have endured. one time a man said to me that he thought anyone who had ever considered suicide was a coward and i said to him, having lost a coworker to suicide, be grateful that you do not know the state of mind it takes where cowardliness is not a factor in your mind. be grateful that you do not know and live with the understanding that suicide is a possibility in your life. i fared far better with him in that moment than being abusive towards hims or subjecting us both to name calling. i'm sure this woman is a really angry woman. but again, if there's something she thought you didn't understand, it would have served her far better to try and have a discussion with you instead of resorting to name calling....

  7. And I noticed the woman can't spell.

  8. Sketchy, it was a lovely hour of reading and peace for me.

    Anna, suicide is a very sad thing to have happen to anyone. I'm sorry you lost a coworker to such a tragedy. Suicide bombing is another thing entirely. Taking your own life is bad enough, but killing as many innocent people as you can on your way out? Barbaric, inhumane, the worst kind of evil imaginable.

    Whitesnake, no she couldn't spell very well, poor thing.

  9. Vicus, I almost missed you! You may be as vulgar as you normally are. I'd expect nothing less from you.

    And did you know that Tommy is leaving the blogosphere? I'm saddened. Truly. What did you do to him?

  10. Hello Janice, so nice to see you again. I'm impressed that you wrote an entire sentence without swearing. Good girl.

    Now, about that name calling.

  11. I thought I commented yesterday - perhaps you deleted it - about your gentle tolerance. There really is no need to be rude. As it says on my blog: 'No one is forcing you to read this blog, so if you don't have anything remotely positive to say, it may be best to keep quiet.'

  12. Hi sweet pammy. Your blog has moved closer to the edge since I last visited and I like it. I'll be around to comment occasionally if thats ok, I just couldn't keep writing and not visiting. So for now I will write on other people's blogs, unless they delete me cos....

  13. Hiya Sweet Pammy... I don't understand how anyone could call you stupid... you are a total sweetheart...

  14. Dave, I'd never delete one of your comments! and I like what you said...very nice.

    Tommy dear, glad to know that you'll be peeking in from time to time. I'd hate to lose you altogether. Also, my laptop crashed and I lost your email addy. Would you drop me a line sometime so I can have it back? Thanks.

    Kindness, you're too sweet. I'm sure I can be as stupid as the next person. Especially if I'm not educated on the aspects of the culture or religion or mores of a particular ethnic group. I really wanted to have a dialogue with them, but I may have gone about it the wrong way. I know they are angry, I know they are hurting. I just don't know how to help. I was hoping that there was some way I could find out if I could send things, to help them. There was a doctor's blog I commented on. I was hoping I could find out if there were things I could get here that they lacked and send it to them. I know they are struggling in ways I'll never understand. I wish I could help.

  15. Hope you have a lovely day on Valentines


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