Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beach and Vikings and Hummingbirds, Oh My!

Eagles, hummingbirds, bluejays, seagulls, ducks, Herons, crows, gold finches, seahawkes, red winged black birds, crabs, sea lions and vikings are just a few of the wild life we saw this weekend while at the beach cabin.

The only surprise were the vikings.

The tide was fairly high when we arrived. The ferry line was long---but we didn't mind. Our destination is always worth the wait. I've not been well all week and so this was just as much a time for me to rest as it was for the four of us to get away from the city and let go of the stress for a few days.

The weather cooperated, for the most part. It rained at night and gave us beautiful days. I slept a lot, or sat in a nice beach chair in the sand with a blanket and my Kindle.
I walked a bit when I felt up to it and collected some beautiful sea glass. Do you see the rose colored glass? That's a rare find. Later I also found cobalt blue and light blue, both unusual. I'd love to find some red glass some day.

Ashley walked the beach--loving the fact that numerous Gooey Ducks would squirt water up at her bare legs. Every time she squealed in delight I laughed. She's twelve....soon she'll be too cool for these things with her mom. I hold on tight to these memories.

The first night we decided to get Grub Hut for dinner (Thanks for introducing that place to us, Doug!) Here's Alli enjoying her meal with a great view.

When we were on the ferry home tonight, I could feel it. The tension coming back. The closer to traffic and people and responsibilities we got, the tighter I became.

Breathe, Pam. Breathe.

This week is going to be a killer.

As I deal with the homeless youth in our school district, and the immigrant families (I am the only one of *me* in our district) I feel as though I am the RS President for the entire place--sans excellent counselors and helpful and hard working volunteers. I'm putting on two separate events this week--one at one high school and another at the other high school. Both should have upwards of more than a hundred people coming to each event. I was laid out sick in bed the entire last week. Now you might understand the return of my tension.

Wish me luck!

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