Monday, May 16, 2011

Ashley's First Talk in Sacrament Meeting...

When I got up yesterday morning, I knew something was a little off.

Phooey. Felt like the flu. Just a touch---maybe I was ok. I had to go to church because my Ashley Rose was giving her first ever talk in Sacrament meeting. Lance had to work so he couldn't be there. Plus, I like going to church. It fills me up for the week ahead.

Hey little nasty flu bug, you have some very poor timing.

So I went. And since Lance couldn't be there, I recorded Ashley's talk for him. I'm pretty proud of my littlest angel. I think she gave a wonderful talk for her very first time.

I'm not sure you can hear it very well---but if you want to turn it up and listen, you'll hear something sweet and precious from a twelve year old with great faith.

After she was done I made arrangements to have someone else take my Primary class and I went home, where I've been ever since.

Oh nasty flu bug. Not. A. Fan.

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