Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here's the REAL reason I married him...

If you know my husband, you can't help but know how wonderful he is. He's sweet and he's kind and he's helpful to the point where I have to remind him to stop helping and please sit down and let someone else do some of the heavy lifting in life.

He's just that way.

If I had a dime for every time someone asked me if he had a brother just like him, I'd have.... Well, I'd have quite a few dimes.

I'd like to say I had a part in his wonderfulness, but alas, he came that way. His mom is amazing and I'm thankful each and every day for the son she raised.

When we were dating is when I learned the depths of his compassion and caring for others.

My older sister Cheri is disabled. She lives in a residential rehabilitation center, uses a wheelchair and has the mental capacity of perhaps a 4 or 5 year old. She's fairly non-verbal but does communicate with us. She can say no, mama, and baby. Cheri loves music. She especially loves the music of The Statler Brothers. She has one of the workers call here at night and she makes me sing Statler Brother's songs to her. You should see her rock out in her chair.

But back to our dating. The Statler Brothers were touring and were coming to Seattle. Lance found out. He said we should take Cheri to see them.

That may seem like a small thing but to me--it was huge. I was in love with him before but now I knew what kind of man he truly was.

We took her to that concert so many, many years ago.

Last night we had some time before we had to pick the girls up from the Fireside at the Bishop's house, so we stopped in to visit Cheri. We put on the Statler Brothers CD I'd made for her and sang as she rocked back and forth in her wheelchair. If you know Cheri, you know she loves to have her fingernails painted. She'll hold up her good hand with a look of pain on her face and give a kind of whine until you ask her if she wants them painted. She'll shake her head yes.

So I painted the nails on her good hand last night. A shockingly hot pink. Then she pulled her crippled hand up and tried to move the fingers out to show me she wanted them painted as well. We noticed that no one had clipped the nails on her bad hand, probably because her fingers are always curled into her fist. We pulled her fingers gently out and my amazingly wonderful husband, clipped them while I held her hand in place. Then I painted those nails too.

She was quite pleased. I sure love that girl....and I adore my husband for loving Cheri as much as I do.

Sorry girls, he's taken.

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  1. Oh man is much like yours, and they are one of a kind. I'm so happy that your sister has YOU. ;)


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