Monday, February 28, 2011

8 Days

It's been 8 entire days since I've blogged.

Boo! Hiss!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like you even checked to see if there was a new blog post. Don't give me that face--I know you didn't.

But it's ok. I have some exciting news to make my two readers jump for joy--or at least whisper a slight Hurrah. Actually I have two pieces of good news.

1. Today was the very first day since December 8th when the world gave way beneath me, that I didn't use some sort of instrument to aid me while walking. That's right----NO MORE CANE!!!. I'll give you a moment

I know, right?

2. I have started back at the gym. Friday night we descended on the gym en masse. And when I say en masse, I mean Lance, Stephanie, Allison, Ashley and I. Chris was working, so he couldn't join in the sweaty fun. Today I went to the pool and when I was done I threw my bathing suit in the garbage there. Trust me, it should have been tossed long ago. Now I just need to find a new one.

I feel a bad emotional experience coming on.

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  1. Can totally relate to the swimsuit thing...though since I've lost weight it has been more fun to try them on. ;) Don't worry about not posting...been there. You're much more consistent than my fondest An I'm sure you have more than two of us reading! ;) Good to hear your off the cane, way to go!


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