Thursday, October 21, 2010


Where does the week go?

Here's some good news. The bandages are off my right hand. It's been...what....7 weeks since I was in the ER with my hand in agony? All I've got to show for my extremely close encounter with the hot oil is a few scars, some new skin and a mountain of paperwork from L&I.

Have I mentioned how much I hate paperwork? Well, I'm mentioning it now.

I'm grateful it wasn't worse and it's awfully nice to have the use of my right hand again.

What other good news is there...


There's lots of good news. We're breathing. We have a roof over our heads, good health, the gospel perspective on life and death, and everything else under these cloudy foggy skies of Seattle.

Well, the health thing isn't 100%. Alli is home from school today. She texted me from seminary, and I quote, "Mom, my head feels like it's going to explode. I want to go home". Since I am opposed to exploding heads at church or at school, I had Stephanie pick her up and take her home. I was unable to get her as I was interpreting a meeting at one of our high schools.

I won't even go into what that meeting was about, mostly because it's confidential. Secondly, because it wouldn't interest you. It did give me a slight case of the guierllmos tho.

I have half an hour before I'm supposed to be teaching a room full of wiggly first and second graders how to say 'hola' and other assorted Spanish words. I do so enjoy their energy and smiles. It's the bright spot in my Thursdays. Then I have the cooking class where I have to corral older students and walk them safely through creating culinary delights. Today we're making tapioca pudding with pineapple.

I know, what a tricky thing to make, eh? Yeah, well they wanted to make pudding and I happen to like tapioca and haven't had it for quite some time. Being the teacher does have it's perks.

I have a funeral on the 6th for a dear sweet lady and a memorial service on the 13th for a high school friend. And here I thought my age group was invincible.... I guess not.

Ok, time to run for the rest of the day. It was nice to have a moment to sit and blog. I don't get a lot of time for that lately, as you can probably tell. I have some great pictures I want to put up next time.

Onward and upward!

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