Monday, June 14, 2010

End of the Line....

For home schooling that is. Alli will finish up her 8th grade this week and then in September she's moving on to high school.


Naw, just kidding. About the whimpering I mean. I've gone through two high schoolers and lived to tell the tale, so I'm sure this will be smooth sailing for me.


It's been a long time since updates. I've been busy. Ok, I've been lazy. Really, the two things are nearly interchangeable. I think. Or not. Your mileage may vary.

School, and my job, is over this Friday. Ashley will suddenly become a sixth grader. She's already got the Sixth Grader 'Tude, so she's set. Speaking of Ashley, a few weeks ago we had some appointments with her pt/ot at Childrens.

She got a new hand brace to keep her thumb out of her fist and then another one was ordered that is softer and easier to wear over long periods of time. She actually asked for these braces, so that's a plus.

We also discovered that due to her leg length discrepancy, (which is getting worse all the time) she's getting a case of scoliosis and we have to do soemthing. And by something I mean it might be something quite invasive and something I'd rather not think about but I have to.

There are a few ways we can go with this... we can break the growth plate in her good leg and hope her affected side catches up. We can wait and do that leg lengthening thing with the screws and the twisting and all the fun of having metal hooked up to your leg bones. What she needs right now is a foot/ankle/leg brace but she's quite reluctant to do that again. She's worn them since she was an infant and she finally said a huge NO to them two years ago. We'll be seeing her orthopedist at Children's this week to further discuss our options.

Ah the fun. The joy! The excitement.

There has been something wonderful happen in our family though. LANCE IS WORKING DAYS NOW!!!

Ahem. Let me say that in another way. I am NO LONGER A SINGLE PARENT AT NIGHT!!
I'm a little excited about this and for good reason. It's been years and years. Most of our married life in fact, that he's been working second shift. I love having him home for dinner with the kids and for all the school/church stuff that goes on. He's not thrilled with getting up so early in the mornings and I can't blame him. But it's oh sooooo good to have him home with us.

In fact we went to the waterfront for family home evening the other night.

The two oldest were working so they couldn't come, but still it was a wonderful time. We had dinner at Ivar's and fed the seagulls. You can't eat outside and not throw them french fries. I think it's a city law or something. Plus, those little feathered monsters get loud when you don't feed them.

Life is good.


  1. I am so amazed at how strong Ashley has been through everything she has gone through. I know I couldn't be that strong. You are strong too, which what mother wouldn't be? I think any mother would do anything for their children.

    I'm glad you had a fun time down by the waterfront. I love eating at Ivars once in awhile. Usually I get either the fish sticks, or chicken strips. I hope you have a good week, this week.

  2. Pls to retain this "life is good" theme. There has been too much of the other silliness.


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