Monday, March 15, 2010

Failed Experiement

I'm not worthy....I'm not worthy!

Picture me scraping and bowing as I say this to all those parents who home school their children. Either your children are tiny angels, wings and all and my child is ....shall we say, sans wings? Because this. did. not. work.

Ashley Rose was DYING to be home schooled. She begged to be home schooled. She promised she'd do her studies, her homework, her life would be amazing if ONLY SHE WERE HOME SCHOOLED!

So we yanked her out of school and plunked her headfirst into......

Wait for it......


Oh sure, it was called HOME SCHOOL in OUR minds, but in HER mind? No. Not even close.

It was called I-can-sleep-in-until-11-every-day-now! And I-can-stay-up-until-midnight-every-night!. It was also called I-will-watch-every-video-on-youtube-and-every-Hannah-Montana-episode-available-until-my-eyes-bleed.

Oh, in her mind it was called many, many things. The ONE thing it was NOT called was SCHOOL.

So I bow and say I'm not worthy because I do not feel worthy, or at least equal to the challenge of homeschooling a child who does not wish to be a self starter.

All you home schooling parents out there? I applaud you. I bow before you.

And I will humbly drive my daughter back to her elementary school on Wednesday and pass her off to the school district once again.


  1. The first lesson you should have taught is that "homeschool" is not a verb. Thankfully your daughter has been saved from exposure to this mangling of English usage.
    Would you like me to assist in her education? I am the very model of a modern major geriatric.

  2. Oh that's soooo true. I told my sister, who homeschooled her children off and on while they were growing are a saint. There's no way. I tried them doing electronic high school for one quarter in high school, it failed miserably because none of mine are self starters either. So, don't take it so hard -- it's not you. She probably needs the structure of the school system like my kids did...and you need the time of peace... ;)

  3. Vicus dear, I'm afraid your 'idea' of teaching her would involve some sort of herb that is verboten here.

    G.'re right. It just wasn't a good fit for her. We gave it a shot. At least we tried. Now we know. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

  4. I couldn't do it either. Monday morning Cannon was wailing that he didn't want to go to school and why couldn't I just do home school, like the family down the street. I know all that mom does on top of eating organic and growing an amazing garden. I just couldn't do it. So I sent him off to school.


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