Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old Old Old

As I was driving Alli to school this morning, I was eyeing some black gloves sitting on the console. I knew she didn't have any mittens on and so I asked her if she wanted to wear them. Heck, *I* wanted to wear them as the temperature gauge on my rearview mirror kept flashing 'ice' and then '18 degrees'. It was cold.

Alli told me that she didn't need the gloves, she was fine.

"Is it warm in your classrooms?"
"Yeah, they keep the heat on. You probably didn't even have heat in your schools when you were a kid"
"Well duh. That was so long ago we didn't even have classrooms. We met in caves and drew hieroglyphics on the walls."
"I believe it!"

Earlier in the drive we were going past a sharp incline that led up to some houses and she said, "Remember that old guy that was climbing up there the other day? Wasn't that weird?"

I agreed that it was a bit odd.

"I hate old people"

I then mentioned to her that the guy she'd seen climbing that hill was MUCH younger than I am and what did she mean that she hated OLD PEOPLE??

"You know, OLD people. When they get old and cranky!"
"Am I old and cranky?"
"Well, you're not cranky."

I feel a bit cranky after falling on the sidewalk last night for no apparent reason. I was carrying a long pork tenderloin, a plastic container of spices and a sheet of cooking instructions in one hand and in the other I had a paper cup of hot apple cider. The next thing I knew I was on the ground. My memory is vague on this, but I seem to recall the pork flying off in one direction and my cup of cider flying off in the other. I'm not quite sure how it happened as I didn't see any ice there.

Of course I landed smack dab on my bad knee. That was fun.

I think I'm entitled to be cranky now that I'm old and wounded, don't you think?


  1. So I think the bright side is you landed on your bad knee -- protect that good one!! Otherwise, the crank comment turns into a nostalgic yearning for the good old days when you still had a good knee...

    Anyway, another great post! :)

  2. Vicus, thank you for admitting that you don't think. It was something we've all thought at one time or another but were afraid to say out loud.

    Chris, thanks! :)

  3. I still feel eighteen years old. I just wish my body did! Thanks for a laugh. I needed that!


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