Sunday, December 06, 2009

Not so blond and not so happy

About five or six months ago I thought I was smart enough (and cute enough and darn it people like me!) to dye my very own hair. I mean, it couldn't be that hard, could it?

I'd done it before but apparently this time I went a shade too far and landed in the RED ZONE. Actually, it was more of the ORANGE ZONE than the RED ZONE. This is not a zone anyone wishes to be unless your name is Carrot Top and you want to get beaten up on playgrounds.

So I went to my friend Anita and had to start phase one of fixing my horrendous error. I saw her again this past week and here's the result. It's not so blond, it's really not so orange and it's back to the color I wanted. Here's the result....I took this last night with my cell phone so it's kinda fuzzy.

That's tne Not So Blond part.

The Not So Happy part goes like this...

What is WRONG with people? Why are they so mean and cruel? They honk like they're in New York, they give you the one finger wave, they do some pretty scary things. Sometimes I fear for the future when you can't leave your home without having an unpleasant encounter

Before you get started, it's not my driving. I'm actully a good driver. And the unpleasant things don't just happen during driving, although many do. The Season of Joy seems to be turning into the Season of Surly for so many people.

Slow down people. Take turns at the four-way stops. Be kind, be nice. What does it cost you except a few blood pressure points? Say please and thank you like your mama taught you Be civil. I hear horror stories from my two oldest who work in retail about the rudeness of people just because they can. Does it make you feel better about yourself to belittle a clerk? To be rude to them? Didn't your mama teach you better than that? Get over yourselves. Be nice. You might just like the way it feels for a change.

Now, don't be like the cat.

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