Saturday, December 05, 2009


It's freezing---literally---here.

So Lance thought it was time to remove the air conditioning unit from our bedroom window. Which means there is no window in the window at this time.

Last night was an exercise in avoiding hypothermia.

Just so you know? Covering a window in plastic won't keep out the cold.

Who knew?

Today's itinerary involves replacing the window so we're not all found frozen together in the morning.

Not that huddling together for warmth isn't fun...but you know.


  1. Yes, and some of us have been peeking through your window for the last 4 hours, and not so much as a cup of herbal tea on offer.

  2. You must remember to KNOCK next time, dear vicus. Your heavy breathing alone won't rouse me enough to make you a cup of tea.


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