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My heart is breaking....

It's been a rough night and day here.

You know how you love your animals...and they become like your furry children to you. You try not to play favorites, but sometimes you just can't help it.

Well, my favorite cat, Bobo (aka Uncle Daddy) took a horrible turn last night that hit us out of the blue. We found him under our bed in severe distress. I immediately called our vet and they had us bring him in. His heart was racing nearly three times as fast as normal and his breathing wasn't good. They did an ultra sound on his heart and the vet said he feared he had a deadly cardiac condition. They put an IV in him and we transferred him to the ER vet clinic in Tacoma. We left him there around 7:30, the vet told us she didn't think it was a heart condition, but an allergic reaction of some sort. He seemed to be doing so much better when we left.

Got home, talked to the children. The girls were sobbing, but we told them it looked good. The ER vet had given us a lot of hope. Then at 10:15 she called us to say that he was in respiratory failure. I told her we'd be right there and she said she could not guarantee he'd be alive when we got there.

We raced there....all of us in tears.

He wasn't doing too good, but appeared better than we had anticipated. He roused a bit for us, licking us from his oxygen chamber and he knew we were there.

He made it through the night and we went back this morning and brought him home. He's not going to make it and there's nothing that we can really do about it at this point. He won't eat, won't drink. We're giving our girls time to say goodbye. Right now he's not in any pain so that's a blessing. We're planning on taking him in tomorrow to have him put down, unless a miracle happens in the meantime.

This is so hard. It's breaking my heart. And breaking my heart further to see my girls in such distress over this.....


  1. I'm in tears now. I still miss my dog, two years on.

  2. It is a terrible ordeal. It is heartbreaking to watch the kids try and make some sense of it all.
    Lots of hugs.
    I still miss my pooch and it has been 5 1/2 years and we haven't even looked at other puppies.

    You'll need your strength this Mothers Day.

  3. Pamela, you can comfort yourself in the fact that the girls will probably get over it much better than the adults. Such is my experience anyway. Both my children coped exceedingly well, we even allowed them into the consulting room for the coup de grace to witness that poor old Dino was in peace when he went.

  4. i am so sorry. love kitty for me. i just lost my tato and i know this is not going to be easy. i am thinking of you.

  5. Pammy, I just read this today, so sorry to hear of your loss. We just lost a kitty (it's embarrassing, but her name was The Black Mamba) not too long ago and we still miss her. Awww I feel bad for you and the kids.


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