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It's all fun and games til someone gets squashed by a car

Hubby and I decided to spend yesterday down at Pacific Beach and Ocean Shores with the two younger girls. The Boy and The Girl have spread their wings and were spending the day up in Seattle with their friends. (Did I mention that The Boy got his drivers license this week? Yes, we're still reeling)

We slept in...and took our time. No rush. Lovely day. The beach we chose is one that is less crowded. It was a little breezy, but not overly windy. I found this sand sculpture created by the wind (I apologize in advance, all pictures were taken by cell phone camera. I did bring the camera, I'd just forgotten to put the memory chip in it before packing it. Yes, I'm quite blonde, thanks for asking)

A heart, carved by the wind. It was much more spectacular than this bad pictures shows.

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Here's Allison looking beautiful.
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A large piece of driftwood was on the beach, and here's Ashley mugging for the camera for me. You can see off in the background our suburban, with the tent up next to it. We even collected driftwood for a fire, but never got to starting it.

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Here's Ashley splashing a bit in the water. She had a wonderful time.
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One last picture. I promise not to overload you with all the awful cell phone pics I took yesterday. After we left the sand, we went into town to a go cart/ice cream parlour/bumper car place, designed to suck all the money from a family's wallet. This is where I got squished by a car. More about that later.

Here are the girls with their ice cream cones, Ally got two scoops of cotton candy and Ashley got rootbeer float and cookies and cream. Don't they look happy?
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Now, to the squishage that I experienced.

We were parked at the go cart place. It's angle in parking, right off the road. Lance was sitting in the driver's seat and the girls were getting their shoes on. I was standing, talking to Lance, outside the suburban. On the driver's side, with the door open, leaning in to talk to him. Suddenly I'm feeling something is not quite right, and it's getting worse. The car next to us, a lovely new black Land Rover, had begun backing out, striking our driver's door, slowly squishing the life out of me as it pressed me into the side of our suburban.

I'm told I squealed, then sort of squeeked out an AHHHHHHHHHH!

The driver of the Land Rover either felt the resistance of his car hitting something or heard me yelp. Either way, he stopped and pulled forward, then ran around the back of his vehicle yelling, "Did I hit you? Did I hit you?" I was leaning face first on the backseat door of our suburban, in pain.

I had been the victim of squishage.

Nothing is broken, but my left leg, left shoulder and my back are not feeling so well right now. Oh, and there is a not-so-lovely crease in our driver's side door.

Other than that, it was a lovely day..


  1. I will be over very soon with my first aid kit.
    Can I wear my nurse's uniform?

  2. Ah, you're lucky he stopped. Usually you feel resistance and wonder what it could have been later. Cardboard box, dead badger, minor gentry or something. And, of course, Land Rovers are meant to tolerate a good deal of side squishage in everyday driving conditions around the rocky crags of Chelsea and Fulham without the driver noticing, in the interests of the safety of the passengers, naturally.

  3. YOUCH!!! I was just about to say how jealous I was of you with you ready access to my lovely Washington Coastline...but no more.

  4. Pammy! I love the heart picture, it's lovely as are your kids. Un beso mi amiga.

  5. cars and you do NOT get along, pam. have you noticed?? guacamole!

    i love the heart/wind sculpture!

  6. vicus, you may wear your nurses uniform if you promise not to send me a bill like last time.

    Richard, I know. I'm very lucky that the driver stopped before I was seriously injured. Scary thought.

    Sketchy, you can feel jealous if you want to! It was still a lovely day, despite the squishage. It's a good thing I'm well padded :grin:

    Carmy, you are always so sweet. Thank you. Wasn't that sand sculptured heart amazing? I wish I'd gotten a better picture of it. Truly beautiful.

    FN, you're right. I should give up being around gas powered items. Hey, we were heading north today and saw several yummy bikers. I wondered if one was yours. One day we'll make it up to Sumas and then you won't get rid of us.


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