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Friday Freeze

Apparently my region received an arctic blast last night and today. I haven't noticed too much, being as I've stayed inside all day. Jenny called me to tell me that there were trees down in Tacoma, wires down and all the traffic lights were out. I'm not sorry to have missed that particular fun.

I slept in this morning because my children have Mid Winter Break. This consists of no school on Friday or Monday. I was awakened by my cell phone at 7:30 a.m. It was my sister, telling me I slept too much. She may have a point, but I'm not telling her that. I have slept a lot lately, but mostly because I've been sick with a sinus infection and bronchitis for the past two weeks. Yay me! I'm beginning to feel better though, so yay me again! While she was talking to me, my father beeped in. Apparently they were together, walking at Northgate Mall and were tag teaming me on the phone for some reason.

Did I mention that I didn't answer my phone Wednesday morning and my father filled it up with 25 voice messages and 35 or more pix messages? Most of the phone messages were grunts. A few went like this:

(Said in a moany, groany kind of voice) "Paaaam, I've" click

Next one. "Paaaaam.....ambulance fall down...." Click.

Next one. "Going to hospital no answer no help me..." Click.

Next one. "Too late....I die.....taking me to funeral home still no answer phone..." Click.

For the record, my father is not, oriental. I'm not sure why he talks that way when he's pretending to have a near death experience, then a death experience, then speaking to me from the Great Beyond. He fills my cell phone up every time he calls and I don't answer.

After he filled up my voice mail, he proceeded to walk around his house, snapping pictures with his cell phone camera and sending them to me. He took pictures of every picture or painting on his walls, out the window to the drive way, the pond and stream in his front yard, his little glass dog figurine that his mother gave him, the kitchen, the.... Well, you get the picture. Or rather, I got all the pictures. It took me forever to clear everything from my phone.

I need to get my Dad a hobby.


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Iam your hobby!

  2. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Want more pictures?

  3. This would be funny if my father had a computer and actually knew I'd posted this story about him.

    So who are you really?


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