Friday, May 02, 2014

Spring Break in Arizona

Catchy title, eh?

Yeah, ok. Not really.

We spent the week in Tucson, with a day trip here. To Sedona. Magical and wonderful and oh so breathtakingly beautiful. Lance and I hiked up a few trails and I filled our new camera with desert images. It was an amazing time.

The number of large cacti....oh the number! Huge and spikey and alien to those of us with webbed-feet from living in the Land of the Green and the Rain. Seattle does not prepare you for dry desert air, or the prevalence of the brown, relived only by cactus.

Birds carve holes in these giants and build their nests. I'm not sure I saw one cactus that had not suffered some damage. But to me it is beautiful damage and only added to the joy.

So many varieties of spikey danger. This is a beautiful specimen. I shant bore you with the entire 850 photographs we took while in Arizona.

We fully intend to return. Soon.


  1. I love Sedona!! I worked one summer at Jacob's Lake and we took a weekend trip to Sedona and the South Rim. It was sooo much fun. The artist in me wanted to move right in...sigh.

  2. I know, right? I'm tempted to move there. We both are. So much beauty and an incredibly peaceful feeling to the place. No wonder it's a awash with artistic types.


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