Friday, April 26, 2013

Beach Therapy a Little Too Soon

It's been a busy week here for Spring Break. Ashley had her surgery on Monday at Children's. It went well. They lengthened one tendon and moved two other tendons around in her arm. It's going to help her hand not contract as much and hopefully give her more use of it. It's been a bit difficult to control her pain, but I think we're doing much better now.

I had oral surgery on Tuesday. Glad that pain is over. I'm doing quite well today. Yesterday we decided to brave it and take the ferry to Kingston. We were planning on staying a couple of days. The weather has been gorgeous! However, once there we realized that Ashley wasn't up to staying, so we spent the day and part of the evening. She slept a bit due to the pain meds. We had a campfire and made hobo stew and s'mores. Allison brought her boyfriend, Andy, for his first Kingston Beach Cabin experience. It was lovely.

And here is a photo collage of our day. The moon was incredibly huge... Ah...beach therapy. There's nothing like it.

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