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My name is not Job....

But I play him on TV

Just kidding. I don't play anyone on TV, although I was once told I have a Doppelgänger in England who is an actress. I'm not sure what this says about the standards of British Television, but to each their own.

I am not Job, of Bible fame. I'm actually quite fine. I'm better than fine, I am humbled and grateful and thankful. There have been so many prayers lifted up on our behalf, so much service given willingly and kindly and .....we have been incredibly blessed. Overcome with the kindness and goodness of people.

Over 30 years ago, I served as a Relief Society President in a Spanish Branch of the church, after my mission to Venezuela. I met a young man there, his name was Mark Body. He married a cute little blond girl, I eventually married a tall blond guy and we went our separate ways. We'd see each other around, or hear of each others families, but we didn't live near each others family until Facebook reconnected Mark's wife Chris and I. Mark and Chris got a phone call Saturday from Kristin Robison (who once lived in our ward but now lives in their ward down south), asking to borrow yard tools. The Body's wanted to know why. Kristin told them she and her girls were coming to help us at our house in Puyallup. Well guess who put his lawn mower and gardening tools and everything else necessary to beautify a yard into his van? Yep. Mark and Christine surprised us there----and those five people worked themselves sweaty in our back yard and at the side of the house. Here are the Robison Girls and their mom Kristin in the back yard. They worked SO HARD!! These are two of the sweetest, kindest and most charitable girls I've ever met. And their mom isn't bad either :)
Mark, despite having an injured foot himself, mowed his heart out. We're so sorry you found out the hard way that there was a big plastic something-or-other under all that stuff and hit it with the lawn mower. Plastic confetti everywhere!

At one point a neighbor behind us poked his head over the fence and told them that this was the best the yard had looked in five years!

And he was right. See?

It needs greening up and needs to have all the weeds killed, but's much better than the waist high weeds and piles of garbage and toys that our renters left. Our neighbor to the left of us has been taking care of our front yard. He has been so sweet to mow and water and it looks AMAZING. He is very particular about his own yard so having our renters be so stupendously neglectful of their yard, drove him insane. He is thrilled to keep up our little patch of green in front, and we are ever so thankful to him. See how pretty it looks?

While those friends were busy outside, two wonderful men from our ward came to tape off the interior so we could get it painted inside. This is Lance on his handy little knee scooter thingy, talking with Brandon Hermanson. Jeff Markham was also there, but I wasn't able to get a picture of him. :( These two men worked and worked and worked. We are so grateful to them for giving up a great chunk of their Saturday in order to provide such a wonderful service.

There have been other kind and sweet and generous incidences in the past few days that have lifted our spirits, that have truly humbled us and we have no words to express our gratitude to you. (You know who you are).

So, no. We are not "Job" of Bible fame. He had all his family die, his livelihood was destroyed and he was covered in boils. None of our family have passed and thus far we are boil free. We will be ok.

And....again thank you. My heart is so full right now. Thank you.


  1. If you had to take a pic of me bending down, I'm grateful I was at least facing the camera. :) I love the Gospel and the loving ties that bind us all together no matter how long it's been...or wait, maybe that's facebook? ;) It was a pleasure to facilitate the Kinnaird/Body reunion, and it's a sweaty bonus that the yard got closer to being tamed. Like I told you, we're on the "easy" side of this equation - it's so much easier to be the giver than the receiver. I can't think of a better way we could've spent that part of our Saturday (though that pool at the Y did feel mighty good afterward...and yes, I did actually soap/shampoo before I contaminated their water; I'm sure no chlorine is THAT strong). Such an honor to be able to DO something, even though it doesn't solve any problems, it still feels good, if for no other reason that I hope that our actions, combined with the countless other acts of love & service that have been & will be shown, will serve as a constant reminder of God's mindfulness of your family. Man, oh man, am I glad you're not Job! :)

  2. I'm glad I'm not Job either! Thank you so very much for your service. Words are entirely insufficient to express how we feel for your kindness. But for now, it's all I have.

    Love you tons.


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