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The Twitchy Report

I've decided that working for the school district is a wonderful, wonderful job. I get the summer off (mostly) with my kids and hubby. We've done some thrilling things lately. We took a cruise up to Alaska with the kids, saw amazing whales and other wildlife. We were the life of the party EVERY night and hardly slept. Despite eating every thing on every buffet, not a pound was gained and we even lost some weight. Then we took a back packing tour through Europe, climbed the Swiss Alps, had some Swiss Miss Hot chocolate, made friends with not one but TWO Yetis and then we flew over to Egypt to see the pyramids and talk to the world leaders about how to create a lasting peace in the Middle East. They seemed to like our ideas and they LOVED the blueberry scones I served.

And then the drugs wore off.

The summer reality is that we have been to the Beach cabin twice, Over to Eastern Washington a couple of times, spent time caring for Ashley after surgery, and been cleaning and worrying over our house in Puyallup and how to get it fixed and rented soon.

Sadly, I never met a Yeti.

We do have one amazing story about a cat that was left behind in Puyallup when we moved four years ago. His name is Twitchy, and he ran off before we were moved and though we saw him once in a while, we could never catch him. His name is Twitchy for a reason. He's the product of Uncle Daddy and Auntie Mommy. So while we've been out there, he showed up, meowing and talking to me. So I talked back. He came closer and closer the more we 'chatted' until finally I could pet him. When I tried to pick him up, he bolted.

The following week, my father brought his kitty carrier and some canned food. There he was again. Short story, he went into the carrier for food and my dad slammed the door shut. Twitchy was unhappy, but I was thrilled!!

You'd think he would have had trouble fitting in and coming to terms with us again. Nope. He loves, loves, LOVES me. Curls up with me when I'm on the couch, sleeps on top of me at night and talks to me constantly. He's a talker, this one. I love him and am so thankful we were able to get him again. He was rail thin, but now he's packing on a few pounds. Here he is....

Never mind. Blogger is being witchy and won't let me show you Twitchy. Ha. Perhaps I am a poet. Or not.

And with one month left of summer, we are looking forward to more time at the cabin, more time cleaning and prepping the house to be rented and I hear we're even going to have some warmish weather here in Seattle. For the record? I loath warmish weather here in Seattle. If there were no humidity, I'd be a happy camper. But there is humidity and therefore I am not. A happy camper.

Ok, now blogger has deigned to allow posting of my baby Twitch. Here he is. Isn't he adorable? No? Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And with that, I'm off to finish baking a birthday cake for a cousin and then attend a funeral for a dear man who passed away and left two young boys. Count your blessings, people. Count'em twice.


  1. Twitchy has quite a haughty look but I'm sure he's lovely. He's fading into the background down one side. Just sayin'.

  2. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Awwwww! He is cute!


  3. He really is cute---but never got as big as either his Uncle Daddy or his Auntie Mommy. He's kind of oddly shaped and runs from everyone but me.

    And darn thing introduced fleas to the other cats. Now we're having a great time!


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