Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Republican National Convention and Isaac

I'm sure that will get the Internet Gods to load my page first on a search. :)

Or not.

I am actually watching the Convention. Ok, my back is to the screen, so technically I'm listening to the Convention. It's interesting. I plan on watching and/or listening to the DNC. See how fair and balanced I am? Yep. That's me.

Plus, it's amusing watching the talking heads try to spin things their way. Actually, it's not amusing at all. It's tiresome and annoying, but everyone has an agenda. Even me.

Not sure what mine is at the moment. First up, finish up this lovely Mexican meal I created, as I work on my blog. Second, keep shushing my dog as she continues to bark each time the neighbor dog barks. And that neighbor's dog barks a lot. All the time. A leaf falls, it barks. A cloud sails by, bark. The barometric pressure changes a degree.....BARK. Lance is in bed, resting and elevating his poor leg. I want him to sleep and if that dog doesn't hush, you might be reading about me in the paper tomorrow.

We, and when I say 'we', I mean Lance and I, made the terrible decision to google Achilles Tendon Repair images. Oy Vey. Bad idea. I'm still squirming in my seat as I type this, and we looked at them over an hour ago. He's having surgery at Harborview Medical Center. Tomorrow he goes in for all the pre-op stuff. Thursday they cut.

I'm so not looking forward to playing nurse to the horrors I saw when we googled. But I will do it. Somehow I'll find the backbone to do it.



  1. It's an achilles tendon, no need to find the backbone. I am so grateful that you are not my nurse.

    p.s. love and peace, hope all goes well.

  2. Oh man....it doesn't rain, it pours!!! Hope things go well, we'll keep you in our prayers. Take Care!!!


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