Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sunset on Lake Union

My girl Alli likes to go for drives in the evening. It's either to get out of the house or to see how fast she can drain my gas tank.

After we barbecued some burgers this evening, she gave me 'the look'. That hopeful puppy dog look that I'm loathe to deny. Since we hadn't had time on Monday for Family Home Evening, we decided to have it tonight. On the go.

So off we went. Generally she likes to go at night in the dark, but as summer is on the horizon it's staying lighter later. We talked Daddy into going with us, though he probably should have stayed home and gone to bed. He has to get up so early---but he had the best time out of all of us I think. We went to the park on south Lake Union. It's been there for awhile, we've just never gotten around to visiting.

Alli and Ash by the pond.
Lance says that people run their little remote controlled boats on this pond. No one was using it while we were there. The park was pretty big and boasted the occasional pile of Canadian Goose Poop. I kept reminding the girls to watch where they were walking. This is important.

Lance and Ashley on the Bridge.
There is a bridge there that crosses a portion of the lake. One part of the bridge is wooden planking, the other part is a metal grate. While walking on the grate you can look down at the water below you. This is not something I enjoy. It gives me serious case of the guillermos. :::shudder:::

Looking a little south and west you can see the Space Needle from the park. As we walked over the bridge and then walked further down towards the lake I kept reminding the girls to watch where they were walking. Gooey Goose Guck was pretty much everywhere.

Ashley should have heeded my warnings. Unfortunately she was wearing sandals and well, lets just say she needed a foot bath when we returned home.

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