Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monkey Bra

Gather 'round little children and let me tell you a story. It's the story of The Monkey Bra.

Once upon a time, in a land not so very far away lived a lively family. They had four children, and as the years passed the children grew. They grew and they grew and they grew. Some of the children were of the female variety and as they grew they needed certain undergarments to contain their...er, growth.

Enter The Monkey Bra.

Now I won't say which daughter was the owner of The Monkey Bra as that would cause embarrassment to said daughter. Let it suffice to say that it belonged to one of the four children. Not the male child however. I will regale you with HIS story on another occasion.

The female children continued to grow and sadly, The Monkey Bra no longer fit any of the girls after a time.

It's then that the shenanigans began. You see children, monkeys are mischievous creatures, even when printed on a cloth training bra. Little imps that they are, they began to show up in the most unexpected places.

One day the head male of the house opened his lunch box at work with all his burly co-workers in attendance and out sprang The Monkey Bra!. Much hilarity ensued. The Monkey Bra was pleased with itself.

So much so, that the following week when the head female of the house left home for work, it came along for the ride. As the head female unzipped her black leather binder on the front desk of the school where she had an appointment that day, The Monkey Bra leapt out. Grabbing it quickly and shoving it into her pocket, she thought she was safe. She was not. The school secretaries had seen The Monkey Bra and thought it was something other than what it was so the female head of the house was forced to pull it from her pocket to prove that it wasn't something lacy from Victoria's Secret. She then had to explain to the laughing secretaries The Story of the Monkey Bra, which was well received and much admired by those in attendance that day.

The Monkey Bra was again very pleased with itself. Soon it began showing up in various other places in an effort to embarrass certain members of the household. It rode along to work with the male head of the house on several occasions and once when the female head of the house came out to her vehicle she found this:

It has since been discovered hiding in suit jackets while attending church and under pillows on beds. Who knows where the wily scampering Monkey Bra will show up next?

Update: Somehow it was scrunched into a prescription bottle and when the bottle was opened it flew out like a snake on a spring.

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  1. What a great story to laugh about for the rest of your lives!


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