Friday, April 02, 2010

Funerals Make You Think Deep Thoughts...

Or maybe that's just me.

I attended the funeral of a dear family friend this afternoon. As I sat there and watched the people arriving, I saw a lot of people I haven't seen in a very long time. It was a reunion of sorts---not the kind of reason you want to have a gathering, but sometimes in our busy lives this is what happens. Weddings and funerals become the places where we get to hug people that we love, but simply haven't the time to spend with in our everyday running arounds. (Yes, 'arounds' is a legitimate word. Honest. Ok, maybe not but I'm still using it.)

As Don's children rose to the podium and spoke about their father, I looked around at the people sitting in the chapel with me. As Don was in his 80's, the majority of the mourners in attendance had gray hair or no hair at all. I have recently made a somewhat unsuccessful attempt to hide the white blossoming on my own head.

All that is beside the point I was going to make. Yes, there was a point here and if I wait long enough with my fingers poised over the keyboard I'm quite certain it will return to me......

Or not.....

Oh yes! Now I remember.

I listened to how Don was remembered. He was always willing to give of his time and talents to those who needed him. He was a gifted mechanic. He was often terse and sometimes cranky. He always carried lifesavers with him and often handed them out to others at church.

We enjoyed some laughter when a few anecdotes were told and there were tears during the times we were reminded that Don is not really gone, he's simply gone on. That he is with his loved ones who have also gone on.

...and I wondered how I will be remembered when I 'go on'. I know how I see myself, but I don't know how others see me. Not truly. I mean, I know what SOME of you think of me (Hush) and I think I know how others may view me, but it is my own view of myself that stands out and it never quite measures up to how I'd LIKE to see myself.

Am I making much sense here?

I suppose what I'm asking is this: How would YOU like to be remembered at your funeral service? Are you planning your own or are you leaving it to those you leave behind? What songs would you like played or sung? Who would you like to speak?

Go ahead...tell me. I'd love to know.

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  1. I've told my kids that someone has to sing "come thou fount" at my funeral...that and "Oh my father..." both of which can be sung to the same tune, interestingly enough. Otherwise, I have no plans. My hubby says he's gonna have a big 'wake' for me. I guess we'll see who goes first... lol


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