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Weekend Wow!

Usually the weekends are sort of ho-hum because Lance is working.

This weekend was delightfully different. I've been feeling better since I've been going to the gym twice a day and so I feel more inclined to go out in public. (Yes, I know, hush)

Friday morning as I was listening to the radio I heard a group on an early talk show that was going to be playing at The Triple Door that evening. They were a group from Argentina calld Los Pinguos. They sounded incredible on the radio and so I mentioned it to Stephanie. She said she'd like to go with me.

So we went and took Alli with us after we dropped Ashley off. It was AMAZING!! I so wanted to get up and dance but Stephanie wouldn't. Ok, truth be told I probably wouldn't have anyway. Not only were these guys amazing musicians, they were gorgeous. My apologies for the picture, it was dark and it was taken with my cell phone.

All the way home Stephanie kept saying, "I want one of those.....I want one of those....I want one of those..." I was laughing. I knew exactly what 'one of those' was.

Then today after making some clam chowder, cleaning the house and retrieving my baby girl from her slumber party, we went to the zoo. Well, Lance went to work and I took Ashley and Steph to the zoo.

I know you, can't see from that picture but there were penguins there! Sooo cute and adorable.

We then proceeded to walk. We walked and we walked. When we got tired of walking, we walked some more. After that, there was more walking. Did I mention the walking? Yes, there was a lot of walking. Sometimes they walked in front of me...

And sometimes I had them sit down for a picture. Like this one. On a hippopotamus. Ok, not a real one of course because that would just be silly. Not to mention dangerous.

We saw lions and tigers and bears. No, we really did. Plus, there were some cockroaches.

No, those were NOT taken in my own home, thankyouverymuch. We don't have cockroaches. We have a lot of other things, just not those.

Steph took this amazing picture of a giraffe.

Then there was more walking because we obviously hadn't walked enough. When we finished walking we realized that we still had more walking to do. We were walking experts by this time.

I won't bore you with the many pictures I took of gorillas, tree kangaroos, zebras or the various and assorted creepy crawlies. Suffice it to we saw many fuzzy, furry and hairy-legged creatures. But enough about the other zoo patrons.

It was wonderful to spend time with my girls this weekend.

Before I go, let me leave you with this picture:

Ashley is a fifth grader. Fifth graders join either band or orchestra. They had tryouts with the instruments this week. Ashley came to me in tears because the band and orchestra teachers were flying through the students and rating them on each instrument---then giving them a recommendation as to which instrument they should play. She hadn't gotten a recommendation and was bravely trying to tell me she didn't care that she just wouldn't do band or orchestra.

I knew she did care and in a big way. The problem was we needed to find an instrument she could hold and play with just the one hand. We went to the music store and looked and tried.

The trumpet won.

So I went to the band teacher and explained the situation. That Ashley really really wanted to play in the band and the only instrument she could play was the trumpet. I explained that she might need a bit more care and time and to please be patient with her. He had no clue about her condition. Which reminds me, I need to speak with the office about that one. He should have been informed beforehand.

At any rate....we now have the joyous, unrestrained sound of the, trumpeting in our home.

Heaven help us.


  1. 8832 is happy once again to be graced with the sounds of the trumpet! I love it! Go Ashley go!!

  2. I'm so glad she gets to play in the band. She'll be great. Yes, the office should have made a note before...

    The zoo is a great place to walk. And that Steph should have tried out for ANTM.


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