Friday, September 04, 2009

Back to School!

Yes, I know it was three days ago and I haven't updated my blog for over a week and I'd apologize but I got blogged-out by writing every day for three weeks during Ashley's Children's Hospital escapades.

Two of our four children went back to school this week! They've both been so excited about starting up and seeing their friends and getting back on a schedule. I was thrilled for them (and to be back on a schedule again as well!) That and going back to work myself. :)

Before we left for school, Lance gave each of the girls a father's blessing. He blessed them with the ability to make good choices in friendships this year and to follow the spirit in all that they do. It was a special experience for us and I'm thankful I have a husband who holds the priesthood.

Because they went at different times, I took Ashley in the morning. Here's our newly minted 5th grader, decked out in her Van's shoes, shirt and jacket.

Isn't she adorable?

Our Allison (or Alli as she prefers to be called) began her first day of 8th grade. She's now at the top of the food chain at her school and liking it immensely.

Stunning, I know. Just take a moment and drink her in. I often do.

I think she was also decked out in Van's apparel. It certainly makes back to school shopping a bit easier when our son works there and we get the family discount that they give him.

When I picked the girls up at the end of their first day they were so incredibly bubbly and excited. They LOVE their classes, LOVE their teachers ("MOM! 8th grade teachers are AWESOME!") They bubbled and gurgled all the way home and it was such a delightful sound. Music to my ears and my heart.

I'm thankful they're so happy where they are and with their friends.


  1. Oh's wonderful when they still like school. sigh. What happens in high school?? grin. Cute photos!

  2. sometimes they still like it in high school. They have their moments. I do like elementary though.


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