Friday, July 24, 2009

A bird in the bush--er, I mean house

This lil guy flew in the dining room window and couldn't figure out how to fly back out. So I reached down to pick him up and he bit me.

Well of course he bit me--how could he know I was being helpful? All he/she saw were an enormous pair of hands coming towards it. If I saw giant hands coming for me I might bite them too, if I didn't faint first.

And that's been most of the excitement around here for the past few days. Ooh, I've been taking the girls to the pool at the Y every day and that's been fun.

Except for the day I locked my glasses inside my locker and then couldn't SEE the lock enough to UNLOCK it to GET my glasses out. Or my clothes. Or anything else for that matter. I was not a happy camper, standing there in my bathing suit, banging my head against the lockers. I kept asking people as they passed me, "How's your eyesight?" It's amazing how many strangers will simply keep on walking when you ask them if they can see or not.

Finally a young mom with four little boys stopped to help me. I gave her the super-secret combination to my lock and with her young and excellent eye sight she was able to turn the tumblers to the correct numbers and open the lock on her very first try. If not for her, I might be standing there still, dripping water in my bathing suit and banging my head against the lockers. Or not.

Oh, to be young and in full possession of all my faculties.

Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!

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