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Weekend is done....

I spent the majority of the weekend working, sending three finished eBooks to clients. I'm loving what I'm doing more than I ever believed possible. I received an email from a client this morning and I thought I'd share it.

Hi Pamela,

I must say I'm very impressed with what you've given me here. Your writing style stands out for me as world-class. I was a newspaper reporter for six years and editor for four, and I know an exceptional writer when I see one.

Your work also stands out for me in how you went to the added step of adding appropriate graphics and formatting it... a very nice touch I appreciate.

In fact, this is the first time I've received a ghostwritten book that would be ready to sell as is. In other words, dare I say it's perfect as it is?

Thank you - you impress me as being in a league of your own, and I am interested in learning about your services for other projects, although now that I've swelled your head ;-))....

So I sent him my client price list and I look forward to getting more and more work as word of mouth spreads about my work. Not that I need any more just now, I'm pretty busy.

Loving what you do and being able to do it for a living is perhaps one of the greatest things on earth. That and a hot chocolate fudge sundae of course.


  1. Hi Sweet Pamela, glad your writing is working out. Make loadsa money and then send me some ok.

  2. Good for you, Pam. Kathleen and I say hi.

  3. well dang! way to go pam!

    with the fog lately you can't drive anywhere anyway...might as well stay home and earn bazillions of dollars.


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