Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's a Beautiful Life--Oh look! Something Shiny!

It's funny to me that I only made one blog post during the month of June---and it's already the 10th of July and I've yet to post.

You're welcome. For me not clogging up your Blog feed. Very, very welcome.

School is out and so is work. Well, school district work for me. I've been hired as a contractor for the PSESD to edit and add content to a website they are launching in conjunction with Columbia Legal Services. It's a website to help homeless youth and those who care or work with them. I have enjoyed it immensely. I was going into my office to do the work because the chair I have at home at the computer cripples me if I sit in it for any length of time. Seriously---on Monday night I worked in that chair and I was unable to even lift my legs up to bring them up on my bed that evening.

So, the only thing keeping me from working at home was the chair, right? Of course right. Yesterday I purchased a very nice chair. A wonderful chair. A chair that does everything but wipe my nose for me. I love this chair. With this chair I will be able to FLY through my edits and content gathering, right?

Not so much.

You see, at home I have access to shiny things that distract me, like Facebook, or my children, or the cat, or the refrigerator. And blogger. I AM USELESS. Incredibly useless.

This message brought to you by SQUIRREL!!

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