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May is coming, and coming fast. I know it doesn't come more quickly than any other month, it just seems to me that time is flying past me at warp speed. Soon it will be June. School will be out.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

Debido a la ultima post, que fue tan triste, cambiare' este post. No es que siento mas feliz, sino que se q' todo el mundo no quiere escuchar de mis tribulaciones. Hay bastantes, pero, pues.....hoy no.

Here's an encapsulated-Readers-Digest-Version of why we were in Eastern Washington yesterday. Two days previously, Lance and I had attempted some 'Time Alone'. Apparently 'Time Alone' means we get where we're going( Leavenworth), a pretty little Bavarian-esqu village over Steven's Pass, and our 'Time Alone' gets diverted into 'Whaddya-MEAN-BY-TRYING-TO-HAVE-ALONE-TIME?'. As we arrived, our suburban started sounding like a jet engine with a few bad parts. Plus, there was no oil pressure. 8 hours, $250 and one sister-driving-over-the-mountains-to-rescue-us-and-bring-us-home later, we were without our black beauty.

Black beauty was towed to another town, as apparently Leavenworth does not have heavy duty vehicle repair places to, you know, repair suburbans that sound like jet engines and have no discernible oil pressure.

The good news/weird news is, that the guy that 'fixed' it, didn't DO anything TO it. Meaning, he couldn't find anything wrong with it. It drove just dandy. Thankfully, he also didn't charge us anything for looking. I wanted to kiss that man. No, I didn't.

So, yesterday Lance and I took the Kia and drove back up to Leavenworth, past Leavenworth into the small suburb of Wenatchee called Cashmere. Doesn't that sound all soft and squishy? Cccaaassssshhhhhmere. Something you'd want to hold close to you. This place, um, not so much. Dry, and industrial-ish, but I still would have kissed that mechanic for not charging us a dime. He said that we'd had a bad enough time and he didn't want to add to it. There are nice people in this world. :)

On the way home, it was dark and rainy and the two lane road driving was difficult for my old eyes. As I've aged, night driving in the dark on a two lane road is not an optimal activity for me unless I want to meet my Maker and take others with me. Thankfully, we made it down the mountain and home. My eyes leaked the entire way..and Ashley held my hand and rubbed my arm and expressed her love to me. It wasn't so much the scary it was the pain in my heart over things I choose not to go into on this blog. My heart aches...and it causes my eyes to leak uncontrollably at times. I've sought comfort in blessings conversation and ....silence. I've had peace descend upon me at times...and at other times I feel as though I am being torn in half.

But I was not going to talk about that right now. I was going to count my blessings---and the greatest one I have is my wonderful husband. Loving, kind, forgiving, GIVING and sweet. I do not deserve him, but I am hourly grateful for him. Without him and the knowledge that we are sealed, I would not be able to withstand the tsunami of trials and tribulations that sweep me off my feet on a regular basis. I am blessed to have this man by my side.

He saves me daily.


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