Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Mmmm....Halloween candy. I think I'll have some. No I won't. Oh yes I will. No....I WON'T. mmmm....chocolate.... Sigh.

As you can see, I'm conflicted today. I started work at 7 this morning. I went home around 10 because I have to go BACK to work this evening at 5. So I thought....ok, I'll go home and clean the basement. And I did. Well, ok, I started. I brought down three garbage bags. I found FOUR glasses, five forks and a bunch of crap by the TV. I cleaned that area. Then my phone rings. Apparently I had to BE AT SHOREWOOD HIGH SCHOOL RIGHT THAT VERY SECOND OR LIFE AS WE KNEW IT WAS ABOUT TO END AND SHE WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO GET HER IPAD UNTIL THE FOLLOWING WEDNESDAY AND YOU KNOW THAT IT'S IMPORTANT AND YOU MUST COME NOWWWWWW.

So I went. And was she waiting for me in front of the school as I'd asked her to do? No. Was she waiting in the office for me, because this was such a HUGE FREAKING EMERGENCY?

The answer to that would be no. I called the cell phone number of her friend and then called IT SEVEN MORE TIMES BEFORE SOMEONE PICKED UP.

As you may have intuited, I was not a happy camper. No sir. Not at all.

So I paid with a check for her iPad and then came back here to the office because driving home only to DRIVE RIGHT BACK OUT HERE to pick the kids up is a waste of gas and time and I'm seriously ticked off that I couldn't get the entire room cleaned to surprise my husband.

So, yeah. Surprise. I'm cranky. Do you think eating more chocolate will help?

Yeah, me neither.

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