Wednesday, August 17, 2011


No, not me silly. Well, perhaps a bit, but that's not the focus today children.

There is no focus. Unless you want to have a focus, then focus away.

Today is Wednesday. I only know that because I looked. If I were Scottish I'd have said, "I kent that.." I've been reading a series of books about a woman who goes back in time through some standing stones in Scotland. It's full of kilts, sporrans, large hairy men with broadswords and lots of Scottish words that I don't ken. Well, I do ken, but if I were to suddenly break out in Gaelic no one here would understand me. Although I'm not entirely certain that I ken Gaelic.

What I DO ken, however, is that my lovely summer freedom is slowly coming to an end. School begins on the 12th and I go back to work on the 5th. I've enjoyed my time off. Being a lady of leisure has it's appeal. I ken that.

Yesterday, due to an unfortunate and slightly humorous foot puncturing, my husband did not have to work. We took the day and the two younger girls and spent the day on Whidbey Island. Do you ken Whidbey Island? It's beautiful. You really should go there.

As some of you know, or ken, I am not a person who enjoys heights. They frighten me. Yet I did walk across the bridge at Deception Pass. See? I even took this picture of Allison and Lance.

I know, right? I give and I give and I give.

We went down to the state park and sat on the beach enjoyed the sunshine.

Here are more interesting photos to amuse and delight my readers. All one of you.

Here's Lance and the sun at Fort Ebey State Park.

Lance by one of the entrances to what's left of Fort Ebey.

Lance hanging out on driftwood at Deception Pass State Park.

Funny story. Before we got to Whidbey Island we stopped at a fruit stand and everyone got ice cream cones. On waffle cones actually. They were HUGE and these were single scoops. I took five licks of mine and couldn't go further. Poor Lance had to finish mine and was rendered nearly unconscious from the sugar overload. He gives and he gives and he gives.

I took this at Fort Ebey State Park. If you look V E R Y closely you can see Mt. Rainier on the right side of the photo off in the distance.

This proves I was there and was having a good time.

Sunset off of Fort Ebey State Park

As we left the park on our way to the ferry, we came across a fawn nibbling grass on the side of the road.

Twas a lovely day and we were sorry to have it end. And we wouldn't want Lance to puncture his foot again so we could have such a lovely day---but it was nice to have him with us.

I ken that.


  1. What a fun filled family adventure. You took such beautiful pictures and I must say, you really have an eye for taking photos.

    Sorry to hear about Lance's foot. I hope it heals quickly.

  2. Thanks Kim, you're so sweet. It really was a great day. Lance is back to work today. Still on pain meds and antibiotics but doing pretty good.


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