Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Girls

I love them. Yesterday was a kind of impromptu girls outing. It wouldn't have happened if not for this...

In Children's ER til 3 in the morning. Ash was having severe chest pain. The medics said she needed to go to the hospital. With her FVL (coagulation disorder) a severe pain in the head, chest or legs is always cause for concern. They found no evidence of blood clots on the CT scan and her EKG was normal but they said she had inflammation around her sternum and rib cage. This was more than likely caused by her bad fall at the ice arena on Saturday.

Her Grandpa Doug is a massage therapist, so he offered to work on her yesterday afternoon. That involved taking the ferry over to Kingston and we can't go there without a stop at the beach cabin. We stopped there first, then went to Doug's house up in the woods. Here's Steph and Ash on Grandpa's deck.

After she was worked on, we went back to the cabin. It was calm and beautiful there. The sky was amazing. I know you can't see this very well, but it's a sea hawk against the late afternoon sky. Trust me, it was breathtaking.

We were all sitting on a large driftwood log, watching the waves gently lapping the shore and enjoying the play of light on the clouds.
Me: "Isn't the sky gorgeous? Look at those clouds"
Girls: "Umm hmmm"
Me: "Clouds are like sky art"
Stephanie: "Way to be deep, Mom"

Yeah, that's me.

Anyway, it was sweet to spend most of the day with my three amazing daughters. We laughed and we hugged and we walked the beach together. I am truly blessed.

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  1. I feel so sorry for Ashley. It's no fun watching someone you love go through pain. I hope they can figure out how to get the pain to go away.

    I am glad you girls got to spend sometime together at the cabin. It's fun spending special time together. My relatives the Farmer's have a cabin down in Idaho that they share with John's family. I wish I had a quiet place, where I could go and relax. Maybe in 10 or 20 years.


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