Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This post has no title.

Today was one of my busiest of the year... Hmm. I take that back. I got home before ten this evening so perhaps it just felt busy. Yesterday I taught class, did several interpreting sessions, went to Children's for Alli's MRI, then went across Lake Washington for another appointment, rushed home and then went back to Children's for another meeting with Ashley's swim team board of directors.

I'm getting sucked in just as I did with Wonderland and to be honest it feels wonderful to be involved again in a non-profit that helps disabled youth. I took over the fundraising chair last night so I'm sure I won't lack for things to do.

Not that I do. Lack I mean. But I enjoy being busy.

After ten or eleven Interpreting appointments today, my brain was fairly well fried. I came home, made dinner then rushed out again to take the girls to Young Women's and Achievement Days at church. We picked up Steph from work on our way home and then I walked our dog.

This is where the night became magical for me.

The night is mild---so mild and amazingly wonderful. Remember when you were young and the very act of taking in a lungful of sweet spring air filled you with a sense of.....something. A yearning, but you didn't know quite what it was you yearned for. An expectancy of something wonderful just around the corner. Almost like the smell of a freshly mown lawn. It fills your chest and your head and your entire spirit. You can't help but close your eyes as you breathe it in and hold it tight within.

Tonight was like that. Right up until the moment the dog pooped and I had to scoop it up----but hey, I'll take what I can get.

It also helped that I had my iPod on and was listening to this song as I danced my way around the block and back into the house. I danced around as I cleaned up the kitchen and my father asked me what I'd been smoking. I grinned at him and just kept dancing.


  1. I like that song!! I've heard it before, can't remember where, but fun stuff. Glad you had a good day!

  2. I was taking deep breaths of this air too, it has been so nice. And I love that song too but I didn't know who sings it. Thanks.

    Good luck with all your busyness.


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