Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's all fun and games til someone gets squashed by a car

Hubby and I decided to spend yesterday down at Pacific Beach and Ocean Shores with the two younger girls. The Boy and The Girl have spread their wings and were spending the day up in Seattle with their friends. (Did I mention that The Boy got his drivers license this week? Yes, we're still reeling)

We slept in...and took our time. No rush. Lovely day. The beach we chose is one that is less crowded. It was a little breezy, but not overly windy. I found this sand sculpture created by the wind (I apologize in advance, all pictures were taken by cell phone camera. I did bring the camera, I'd just forgotten to put the memory chip in it before packing it. Yes, I'm quite blonde, thanks for asking)

A heart, carved by the wind. It was much more spectacular than this bad pictures shows.

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Here's Allison looking beautiful.
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A large piece of driftwood was on the beach, and here's Ashley mugging for the camera for me. You can see off in the background our suburban, with the tent up next to it. We even collected driftwood for a fire, but never got to starting it.

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Here's Ashley splashing a bit in the water. She had a wonderful time.
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One last picture. I promise not to overload you with all the awful cell phone pics I took yesterday. After we left the sand, we went into town to a go cart/ice cream parlour/bumper car place, designed to suck all the money from a family's wallet. This is where I got squished by a car. More about that later.

Here are the girls with their ice cream cones, Ally got two scoops of cotton candy and Ashley got rootbeer float and cookies and cream. Don't they look happy?
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Now, to the squishage that I experienced.

We were parked at the go cart place. It's angle in parking, right off the road. Lance was sitting in the driver's seat and the girls were getting their shoes on. I was standing, talking to Lance, outside the suburban. On the driver's side, with the door open, leaning in to talk to him. Suddenly I'm feeling something is not quite right, and it's getting worse. The car next to us, a lovely new black Land Rover, had begun backing out, striking our driver's door, slowly squishing the life out of me as it pressed me into the side of our suburban.

I'm told I squealed, then sort of squeeked out an AHHHHHHHHHH!

The driver of the Land Rover either felt the resistance of his car hitting something or heard me yelp. Either way, he stopped and pulled forward, then ran around the back of his vehicle yelling, "Did I hit you? Did I hit you?" I was leaning face first on the backseat door of our suburban, in pain.

I had been the victim of squishage.

Nothing is broken, but my left leg, left shoulder and my back are not feeling so well right now. Oh, and there is a not-so-lovely crease in our driver's side door.

Other than that, it was a lovely day..

Friday, May 25, 2007

Allison the star!

I know that parents usually brag about their children (mine is a cheerleader, getting all A+'s, knows quantum physics and speaks Mandarin Chinese in her spare time, yada yada) but I do have true bragging rights tonight.

There were nearly 30 piano students tonight at the recital.. After it was all done, the teacher called up a little guy and my Allison. She gave them each a special gift. Allison has moved up five levels this year and the little guy had just begun and had already done three levels. She said that Allison was an example to all the other students. She gave the little guy some books, and she gave Allison a silver heart pendant with a treble clef on it and a necklace. The audience of parents gave an audible sigh and clapped so hard for her after she played Eric Clapton's
Tears in Heaven

Here she is playing

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Mind you, she's only ten years old. We're planning on getting a bodyguard for her quite soon as the boys are already flocking.

Here she is getting her award.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Six Million Dollar Kitty

This is our six million dollar kitty. I took a picture of him in his favorite spot this afternoon, looking out our bedroom window at all the things he cannot lay a paw on in the outside world.

He's back to his normal, playful self. We're loving every minute of having him around. Our lives would not have been the same had we lost his sweet spirit. The hair is growing back on his side where they shaved it off so they could get a better look at his heart. I was able to snap some pictures of him with my cell phone while we were at the vet when he was so ill.

Here he is, having his side shaved in order for them to do the ultra sound on his heart.

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Lance helped out by giving him some oxygen while the vet was working on him.

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He's all better now, and the only way he's going to experience the outside world is by sitting on my window ledge.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Column Time Again

Talking To Teenagers
column for Pacific Publishing May 23, 2007

I'm a firm believer in keeping the lines of communication open between parents and teenagers. If you can't bribe them or threaten them with taking away the car keys yet, then I say sitting down and talking to them should be given a chance. Much to the chagrin of my two teenagers, I do this quite often. Talk to them, I mean. On occasion I've even taken the liberty of doing so in public, clearly violating the unwritten teenage law that parents should not be seen nor heard from in any setting outside the home, unless the teen has been maimed by a runaway grocery cart and is now spurting blood from more than two arteries. Then and only then is it permissible for a parent to speak to their teenager and for the bleeding teen to acknowledge the existence of their progenitors.

My son and I have a unique relationship in that when we talk, our conversation is seldom recognized by other adults as communication. It's viewed more as a stand up comedy routine by two very disturbed individuals.

The other morning as I was driving him to school, we had an enlightening chat.

Me: “Hijo, I think there's something we need to talk about”
Son: “ok, madre, what is it?”
(note: He's been taking Spanish for two years and appears to have learned two words, madre and hijo. I'm ever so proud)
Me: “Do you realize you've been a great disappointment to me?”
Son: (laughing) “Wow Madre, that's really harsh”
Me: “Well, you know I believe in being honest with you at all times. Painfully so.”
Son: “Yeah, I guess so Mom”
Me: “It's not that we don't love you, we do. It's know....we were hoping for a little more out of you”
Son: “Like what?”
Me: “Super powers would have been nice. Would it have killed you to have been bitten by a radioactive spider?”
Son: “Like you would let me play with spiders”
Me: “I let you play with your little sisters”
Son: “They're not radioactive”
Me: “Not yet”

When he turned sixteen, I decided it was time for The Talk. Yes I know, it was probably too early to do it, but I believe in preparing our youth for what's ahead. I'm nothing if not proactive.

Me: “ Happy birthday sweetheart"
Son:: "Thanks Madre"
Me: "Hijo, now that you're sixteen, I think it's time for The Talk"
Son: "Uh, I don't think so madre"
Me: "Yes son, It's time. Now, you're going to start noticing some changes in..."
Son: "MOM!"
Me: "..your body. Don't be worried, it's all just a natural part of.."
Son; "MOM!"
Me: "...getting older. Now you will begin to notice that girls are different from you...."
Son: (laughing) "You're not funny, Mom!"
Me: "There's nothing funny about this Chris. It's called puberty, you may have heard that word before. Don't be frightened by it, it's all natural. Are there any questions you would like to ask me about puberty?"
Son: "Uh, no, mom. I'm good, thanks anyway”
Me: “I'm just here to help”

Last night I was cooking dinner in the kitchen and he began to question me from the family room. Heaven forbid he get up and walk to where I was to take a look at what I was making.

Son: “Mmm, that smells good, what are you cooking?
Me: “Food”
Son: “what kind of food?”
Me: “The edible kind”
Son: “What kind of edible food?”
Me: “The kind you put in your mouth”
Son: “What's it called?”
Me: “Dinner”
Son: “What is it?”
Me: “Food”
Son: “I know it's food, but what kind of food?”
Me: “The edible kind”
Son: “Arggggh!”
Me: “Did you think you were going to win this one?”

So in conclusion, remember it's important to keep those lines of communication open between yourself and your teens. If only to embarrass them.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Gifts

First of all, thank you all for your sweet comments about the loss of a beloved pet. I want to let you all know that, for whatever reason, my baby boy is recovering and is not dead. My children have been praying for him, and we have been loving him and two days ago he got up and began taking water and food. We were warned this might be a last rally before he succumbs to whatever it is that he has...but since it's continuing on, I'm hopeful that he's going to come all the way out of this now.

Best Mother's Day presesnt EVER!!.

I was treated to breakfast in bed by my husband and children. So sweet....I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

It's on days like this that I miss my mom, gone these past five years. I miss her....

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My heart is breaking....

It's been a rough night and day here.

You know how you love your animals...and they become like your furry children to you. You try not to play favorites, but sometimes you just can't help it.

Well, my favorite cat, Bobo (aka Uncle Daddy) took a horrible turn last night that hit us out of the blue. We found him under our bed in severe distress. I immediately called our vet and they had us bring him in. His heart was racing nearly three times as fast as normal and his breathing wasn't good. They did an ultra sound on his heart and the vet said he feared he had a deadly cardiac condition. They put an IV in him and we transferred him to the ER vet clinic in Tacoma. We left him there around 7:30, the vet told us she didn't think it was a heart condition, but an allergic reaction of some sort. He seemed to be doing so much better when we left.

Got home, talked to the children. The girls were sobbing, but we told them it looked good. The ER vet had given us a lot of hope. Then at 10:15 she called us to say that he was in respiratory failure. I told her we'd be right there and she said she could not guarantee he'd be alive when we got there.

We raced there....all of us in tears.

He wasn't doing too good, but appeared better than we had anticipated. He roused a bit for us, licking us from his oxygen chamber and he knew we were there.

He made it through the night and we went back this morning and brought him home. He's not going to make it and there's nothing that we can really do about it at this point. He won't eat, won't drink. We're giving our girls time to say goodbye. Right now he's not in any pain so that's a blessing. We're planning on taking him in tomorrow to have him put down, unless a miracle happens in the meantime.

This is so hard. It's breaking my heart. And breaking my heart further to see my girls in such distress over this.....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The drive home

A totally boring ride home.....just thought I should bore all of you with it as well. If you look closely, you can see Mt. Rainier in some of them.

MyFather's Front Yard

My sister and I had lunch with our father by the pond in his front yard today. The weather was beautiful and the two ducks that come to visit there were fun to watch. When I got there, my father was (as usual) working in his yard.

My father's flowers today....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I've been absent, not dead. Well, not totally dead.

Behold the beauty that is half my family!

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Now behold the surliness that is 1/6th of my family!

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And now, behold the surprise that is my father on his 75th birthday, as he receives his birthday brownie after brunch!
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(Although his surprise wasn't nearly as startling as the surprise of the poor sweet old man who's car I rammed with my suburban this morning on my way to the birthday brunch, or my surprise when I realized I'd forgotten my wallet at home, had no license and no way to pay for my father's birthday brunch, plus my gas tank was low and he had to give me money so I could make it home)

So a big Happy Birthday to my father! Isn't it nice to have a really, really blond daughter with no brains in her head lately?