Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Creativity and Special People

My beautiful third child has learned how to sew all on her own. What a creative soul she is! For Valentines day, she created two dolls with magnets (to make them kiss) in her image and in the image of her boyfriend Andy. Today she gave them to him, as we all looked on. Even the hoodies match what they were wearing!

Artistic, musical, witty and can sew circles around me.....could she really be mine? I hugged her before she left for Young Women's tonight. I love her so much. I've discovered that the more creative, the rockier the life....or so it seems.

Yesterday I had a bit of oral surgery and a bone graft to boot. Hmm, why do we say, 'to boot'? I've never really wondered that before. Oh look! Something shiny!

Vicodin has been my companion. Ice packs, heat packs and life is slowly moving towards my normal. Which everyone knows is not anywhere near REAL normal. Ah, normal. You are so over rated.

Hubby is still scooting around on his knee scooter. We think this third surgery is finally the last one. crosses eyes, legs, toes and fingers He is itching to get back to work to start earning those paychecks again. So far we haven't received a disability check for him, which has been interesting. I know there is a Chinese curse that says, "May you live in interesting times". And so we do. VERY interesting. We have faith that all will work out in the end.

A week or so ago we had family pictures taken. Not my hubby and our children, but rather my father, brother and two sisters. I don't have the originals back, but I do have some that my lovely Ashley snapped while we were all posing. My sister Cheri was SO excited. What a sweet soul she is...has always been. I am a better person for having had her in my life. She has been a blessing in so many ways. As I wrote HERE, everyone should have a special person in their lives. Trust me.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Once a year....

Once a year for the past three years, someone I care about has passed on to the other side. I must be getting to 'that' age. Whatever 'that' age is. I was unable to attend the celebration of someone's life yesterday, because I came down with some ugly bug on Friday at work. I had to leave an hour early from work...but I digress.

I can still see Carol in my mind's eye, laughing in the foyer at church, giggling on a ferry boat ride. Her long blondish hair shining. She went on to become a mom, grandmother, and did wonderful things for her family. Faithful and sweet and kind. I'll always remember her that way. With a smile on her face.

Carol Anderson Biddle, a woman of love and faith and with a smile that lit up the world. Prayers and condolences to her family...

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Moooom! If Obama Can Raise the Debt Ceiling, Why Can't WEEEEEE?

You may have noticed that our nation's debt is spinning out of control. Our children will one day pay the enormous price of our elected official's inability or unwillingness to stop their out of control borrowing and spending.

When YOUR family is in economic crisis, do YOU spend more? Not if you have half a brain. You cut things out. You go without luxuries, you don't get into more debt! Obama and congress seem unable or unwilling to fix this problem. Here is my newest piece at The Black Sphere about this issue. Trust me, it will Blow You Away!
Have I ever lied to you? :::::GRIN:::::

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Ron Paul Needs A Lesson in Tact

Here's my newest piece for The Black Sphere

It's about Ron Paul and Chris Kyle

Really, I was dumbfounded by his tweet. What do you think?

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Clutch Your Pearls

Most of you know I've begun writing for a Conservative Blog. I'm working with a team of 7 talented writers---all very creative and knowledgeable. You should read some of their stuff.

But since this is MY blog, I'm sharing MY work. How very selfish of me, yes I know. Have you ever known me to be any other way?

Don't answer that question.

Here's the link to my newest piece there. Yes, I clutch my pearls. Call me a prude, I really don't care.