Thursday, May 31, 2012


Last night I began a perusal of my recent (and not so recent) blog postings and Facebook postings.

Wow. What a downer I am. I apologize. If you're reading my postings you may come to think that I've spent the past few months curled into the fetal position and sobbing as I simultaneously drown my sorrows in bags of delicious chocolate. While it's true there have been tears and waaaay too much chocolate----there have also been laughs and giggles and joy. Perhaps that whole, 'you have to know the bitter to recognize the sweet' thing is more true than I had realized.

I apologize for oversharing---or more to the point---making veiled comments and alluding to things that I don't discuss in detail. Is that oversharing? TMI? I'm not sure. Perhaps. Things that I've alluded to are not mine to share--and I wouldn't even if I could.

So, apologies all around. I will do my best to be more upbeat and positive in the future. It's not that I'm dwelling on the challenges life is dealing out---it's simply been our reality and I tend to focus my writing on things that occur.

But I can do better. I can. I will. From now on it's puppies, rainbows and unicorns. Glitter and sunshine and OH! Have you played that new game Drawsome? I LOVE IT. I've had such fun using my finger to draw things on my iPad. I haven't had this much fun drawing and doodling since I was a teenager. You know, when life's possibilities seemed endless and I could be a writer AND an artist. I managed to get the writing part down---for a season---but the artistic aspect never quite jelled. Now I can pretend I'm an artist as I draw with my friends across the country. It's relaxing and .....I need relaxing.

In other news, it's raining here in the Pacific Northwest today. I know, right? We're all surprised. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger....

Or so goes the popular saying. Perhaps it does kill you a little..... At least that is how it has felt sometimes.

As many close friends and family know---it has not been a good time for us for the past couple of months. There have been some mighty heartbreaking struggles and challenges that we have experienced. I found myself at the Seattle Temple yesterday afternoon. I sat in the Celestial Room for ....well...probably over an hour. I wept and prayed and wept some more. Thankfully, I was alone for most of the time. It was peaceful--and peace was given to me, as well as some answers that I needed.

I'm thankful to know that God is aware of each of us, of our struggles and our pain. I have felt the prayers of so many lately. I, and my family, have been lifted up and we are grateful. Thank you.

I have taken a stand that is unpopular with the world---but I'm ok with that. I stand with the Lord and I heed His voice and the voice of His prophets. I cannot do otherwise. I feel like Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. As he stomped his feet and rent his clothing, while saying, "Some things I cannot I WILL NOT allow"

I pray that we will be able to fix what is wrong. To help and to heal.