Friday, September 23, 2011

Hi, I'm Pamela and I'm a Mormon. That's how my profile on starts out. It's how everyone's profile on starts out---well, except for the Pamela part. There's a link on my blog to my profile there. I don't know how many of you that visit here have ever clicked on it. I'm not sure that I've talked about my faith a lot on here--except most do know that I am a woman of faith.

I think perhaps some of my friends and family don't really understand my beliefs beyond a certain point. No, I don't drink coffee. No, I don't drink alcohol. NO, I am NOT the fifth wife in a polygamous relationship and no, I never watched Big Love. I am not a sister wife---whatever that is. And though I've read Dooce, the blog about an x-LDS woman who got fired because of her writings online, I am not her either. She's very witty---I'll give her that---but she has too much of a potty mouth for my tastes.

Yes, I am not taken with potty mouths. I do like wit. And I do believe that you CAN be witty without resorting to gutter language. You don't? You sure? Well, to each their own.

I am a Christian. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I believe in the bible. I know that my redeemer, Jesus Christ lives today. I know that the windows of heaven are not closed to us---we are our Father's children and he loves each one of us. There is more to this life---than this life. I know this with everything that I am.

Occasionally I'm around people that drink. I sometimes think they believe that I should be drinking with them. And if I'm not---then I'm 'self-righteous' or I'm looking down my nose at them because they are. Drinking, I mean. I'm not. I do not think less of you because you drink and I do not think more of myself because I don't. Everyone is different. We all make choices. I have made this one and it suits me just fine. It would be nice if booze was not pushed upon me though.

I believe in a living prophet today. I believe that, as in ancient times, God speaks to His prophets today.

My faith led me to leave my home when I was 21 and live in a very hot south American country for almost two years, to live among the people and teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ. This was a volunteer position. Anyone who knows me will know that I would never volunteer to go anywhere with such high heat and humidity if I didn't believe in what I was doing. I did. And I do.

I am not perfect. Anyone who knows me, also knows this. I'm a sinner, just like everyone else. And yes, I do believe in sin. Just as I believe in light and darkness.

So there you have it. Hi, I'm Pamela. And I'm a Mormon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today I picked blackberries in our back lot. There are a great many blackberry bushes there that have been left to flourish. Not from laziness mind you, but because we love blackberries. Or a mixture of both. As I was tugging the juicy black fruit from their vines I noticed something.

(Pontification Alert!)

Notice the picture I took up above? The ripened juicy and quite tasty berries are surrounded by hard, green blackberries that have not completed their journey. Clinging stubbornly to their runners, they're nearly impossible to detach. And why would you want to pick these berries anyway? Bright green, extraordinarily sour, they're not good for much. I wondered why some berries took in all the water and the sunshine given them and became what they were meant to become when right along next to them, receiving water and sunlight in equal measure, others did not flourish. They did not grow. They did not progress. Their skins hardened and refused entry to the water and the life-giving sunlight and they stopped growing.

I think people are a great deal like these blackberries. Two siblings, living side by side with the same parents, the same love and devotion and spiritual instruction, sometimes do not receive the Word in the same manner and therefore do not complete their journey and become what they were meant to be. It doesn't mean that they won't eventually get where they need to be, but it does mean a great deal more effort needs to be made in order to overcome the hardness of heart and the 'greenness' of their spiritual desires.

Some may need more time, others immediately grasp the sunshine and the water and all the marvelous nutrients gifted them and burst forth into glorious sweet blackberries. They fulfill the measure of their creation.

I try to take in the good given me, taught me, gifted me and do something with it. Other times I'm like the hard green berries that don't allow the sunlight in. I hope that one day I'll have none of the hard green parts and all of the sweetness of a faithful Saint who has fulfilled the measure of her creation.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

You know what I love? I love that my husband is the greatest daddy on the planet earth. And probably the greatest daddy in the known universe. Each day I'm thankful that I married this guy. Each day I am inspired by his selfless actions and his desire to do the right thing.
See that picture up there? That's Ashley in a canoe on Greenlake. After work he dropped Alli off at the pool for swim team practice and then took Ashley to the lake. (I was at work) They went canoeing. Just the two of them. I love the memories he's building with our children and the love he holds for them. I love the knowledge that they will always remember the things he does for them and have that pattern of parental love to guide them in their lives.
I am blessed.