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Peace Begins with You

In my readings this week, I came across a video of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. He gave a talk entitled, "Peace Within."

Who doesn't want peace? Who doesn't crave peace within their soul? In their lives? In their hearts and in their homes? How often do we have complete peace? I'd say my answer would have to be that there isn't enough peace in my life, heart or home. It's not like I live in a warzone--I do not. I'm blessed to live in a nation where I have freedoms granted to me by the founding fathers and I do not risk being struck down by bombs or shot by snipers when I venture forth from my home. My neighborhood is relatively safe, so much so that I take solo walks.

The peace I speak of is something different. It's the peace that can be with me no matter my circumstances. I crave that peace. Elder Wirthlin says that peace begins in the hearts of righteous individuals. How does it begin? With a relationship with our creator. In fervent prayer, in humility and with pure intent. He says that we must ask to be filled with the pure love of Christ.

I know that when I have offered up prayers seeking the will of the Lord, and not my own, I have felt that peace. I must endeavor to do more of this in my life. Peace can be elusive if we are caught up in the things of the world, but it's easily found within the arms of our Savior.


  1. Well said - so true. As the Savior said, "...not as the world giveth." Take care!


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