Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot

I can be freezing cold one second and then it's though a tiny sun, all my own, has burst into blazing glory right inside of me.


I am on fire.

It's as though I am suddenly standing in my very own sauna---alone. Oh, there are people all around me, usually students who don't understand exactly why their teacher looks as though she's just run a 10k.

I've considered tearing my clothes off and running outside into the rain, but there isn't a crime that's been committed by any of my students that would warrant that kind of punishment for them. The emotional trauma would keep them in therapy well into their 80's.

I have been known to place ice packs down my shirt. The other evening a power surge hit me and my father put some ice on my neck. He thought it would bother me. I closed my eyes in ecstasy and sighed. He was mightily disappointed that I didn't jump nor shriek. I actually leaned into the icy goodness.

I am not enjoying this particular stage of life. I am, however, considering moving to an igloo in Alaska until it blows over.


  1. thanks for the mental image, just we all wanted, lol! Sending cool thoughts your way, my dear!

  2. Quarantine her now!!


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